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About Us

Alliance & General Leasing has been established for over 25 years and achieved its success by recognising and implementing the special skills required to operate a successful sales support operation for both suppliers & manufactures of all types of assets.

We finance all types of garage equipment from a small compressor right through to large multiple bay workshop installations


Suppliers & Manufacturers

Giving your customers a means to acquire your products on terms which are financially beneficial to their exact business needs effectively makes the decision to purchase a lot easier and therefore gives you a real competitive edge. .

An Individual Approach

All cases are handles by personal contact with the customer to ensure that we satisfy their exact requirements.....NO AUTOMATED CREDIT SCORING HERE. Our experienced sales team are without doubt the best in the business which means we are able to accept more deals than any leasing company throughout the UK.


Product Range & Documents

A full range of documentation is available to secure the transaction to the customers best advantage. The type of documentation we use is the industries least contentious. Our documents make it is easy for the customer to understand exactly what he has to pay, avoiding the confusing small print and ambiguities seen across our competitors.


Low or even Nil Deposit......means your cash flow is unaffected.

Fixed Payments.....allows easier budgeting and are a hedge against inflation.

Tax Relief........means all lease payments are treated as a trading expense for the full duration of the lease and therefore are 100% allowable against your profits. This can have the desired effect of reducing your tax liability each year.

Fixed Term documents....All our documents a Fixed Term which means your payments automatically cease at the of the lease term without intervention from the customer. If you are offered a Minimum Term document by any other leasing company, our advice is...Call us Now!



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Alliance & General Leasing Limited is registered in England, company number 2323189. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No 732389.