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Who Leases?
Almost every sector of the leisure and amusement industry, large or small, benefit from leasing. A recent survey shows that 80% of centres use leasing as the most popular method of acquiring their modern leisure and amusement equipment.

How does leasing work?
Simple… leasing is a contract between the leasing company and you the customer which allows you the use of the equipment on payment of rentals over a period best suited to your cash flow. When you lease equipment, you make a series of regular (usually monthly) payments instead of a large capital outlay. Payments are spread throughout the useful life of the equipment and are made from your revenue budget.

A good example of this is a piece of equipment costing £2,150 + VAT based on a 5 year lease, could be delivered and installed on your premises for only £12 + VAT per week. Less than the rate you charge your customers. To find out more about how leasing can work for you please use our cost calculator.

I can afford to buy the equipment outright.
Yes, you may be able to afford to buy the equipment outright, but before you do you must consider the following:
The cash flow and tax relief benefits provide a very strong case against an outright purchase. When you buy equipment outright the capital invested becomes tied up in a depreciating asset. Leasing allows you to save resources for other purchases such as acquiring new stock, new business opportunities or simply having the reassurance that funds are readily available to aid your cash flow.

Would I be better off borrowing the money from the bank?
Using your bank for all your business funding is not a good practice. It may jeopardise future unexpected needs or short term funds. Your bank may choose to change the interest rate they charge mid-way through the loan which can drastically affect your cash flow. Sometimes banks may want to limit the amount financed and impose a security charge usually on your biggest asset… your house. The loan is also repayable on demand from the bank.
At Alliance, we do not seek any means of security or collateral other than the equipment involved. To find out more about how leasing can work for you please use our cost calculator.

Are leasing payments affected by inflation or by rate increase?
No. A real benefit of leasing is the assurance that your monthly payments are guaranteed not to increase throughout the full duration of the lease.

Is there a tax benefit associated with leasing?
Most certainly. Any business looking to acquire capital equipment has to seek the most tax efficient way. Lease payments are treated as a trading expense and therefore attract tax relief for the full duration of the lease.

Should I arrange leasing through my chosen Supplier?

The most obvious advantage of using a supplier is the convenience factor. It will save the time involved in shopping around for a lease. With Alliance & General Leasing you can be sure of an individual package that will balance your financial needs with the assurance of being sold the correct package. To find out more about how leasing can work for you please use our cost calculator. Should you have any further questions regarding leasing please ring Alliance on 024 76 220 000.


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